The American Action Fund Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary!

The Action Fund was established in 1919 and was originally named The American Brotherhood for the Blind. Since that time, the programs and services of the organization provided to the blind have been mostly without cost and always with an emphasis on Braille.

The Action Fund was invited to the National Federation of the Blind's National Convention in July of 2019 to honor and help celebrate the achievements and lasting mission of this inspiring organization!

A Braille Carnival was held during the convention to celebrate Braille and the Action Fund. There were Braille games, music, popcorn, prizes, face-painting, and free copies of Pedro and the Octopus were given to any child wanting one.

                   Melissa Riccobono with daughters Oriana and Elizabeth and grandmother Judith show off their copy of Pedro and the Octopus

Some of the games that were at the carnival had participants using a Braillewriter. A few of the folks had never seen or used a Braillewriter before. We are always trying to make people aware that Braille is not hard to learn, it just takes practice!!

                 Meredith Day uses a Perkins Brailler.

During the convention there was a panel discussion on the partnerships that the NFB has, and the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults was asked to participate. We have been partnering with the National Federation of the Blind on many types of projects over a number of years.

Barbara Loos at the Podium during conventionDr. Marc Maurer at the podium during convention.

Barbara Loos, President of the American Action Fund and Dr. Marc Maurer, Executive Director emeritas, were asked to speak during the panel and they both gave stirring recollections of the history and their tenure with the American Action Fund. You can find the audio version of those presentations here.