Kenneth Jernigan Library

After over 50 Years of Service, the Kenneth Jernigan Library closes its doors in Tarzana, California on March 1, 2018.

Facts About the Library

Kenneth and Mary Ellen Jernigan stand outside of the Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind ChildrenThe Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children and Adults was a nonprofit foundation that started its lending library in 1964 and was dedicated to the reading pleasure and education of blind children and young adults. The books catalogued in the library were Brailled by volunteers, who have contributed countless hours of time and effort to bring the total collection of the Library to more than 14,000 Braille books. Books were selected and then distributed to patrons solely by mail. Library books were distributed to subscribers free of charge.

What Now?

Currently, we are collecting the books that were in the library and we are determining how to get the books distributed to families that would like to have them.

If you would like to request books for your family to keep, please contact Patricia Maurer by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 410-659-9315, extension 2272.

Kinds of Books Available

Books are available in two distinct formats: Twin Vision®or Braille. Twin Vision®books contain adjacent pages of print and Braille, making it the ideal form for sighted or blind teachers and parents. Many of the Twin Vision® books contain colorful pictures in print, which can be equally enjoyed by sighted children with blind parents or students with limited vision. Books completely in Braille are produced for the use of more advanced students and for upper grade readers. Titles in this category contain many classics.

For reasons beyond our control a book may be damaged or with missing pages.