Kenneth Jernigan Library

Facts About the Library

Kenneth and Mary Ellen Jernigan stand outside of the Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind ChildrenThe Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children and Adults, a lending library, is a nonprofit charitable foundation dedicated to the reading pleasure and education of blind children and young adults. The books catalogued in the library are Brailled by volunteers, who have contributed countless hours of time and effort to bring the total collection of the Library to more than 14,000 Braille books. The library is unique in that we do not have "walk-in" patrons. Books are selected and then distributed to our patrons solely by mail. Because books are in a continual state of flux, it is impossible to offer a complete catalogue of available books. Library books are distributed to subscribers free of charge for a period not to exceed three months.

Who Is Eligible

Individuals, as well as schools and itinerant teachers, are qualified to use our books. Children using books must be under the guidance and responsibility of a parent or school advisor. School libraries must adhere to regulations concerning return and/or request for extension.

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Kinds of Books Available

Books are available in two distinct formats: Twin Vision®or Braille. Twin Vision®books contain adjacent pages of print and Braille, making it the ideal form for sighted or blind teachers and parents. Many of our Twin Vision® books contain colorful pictures in print, which can be equally enjoyed by sighted children with blind parents or students with limited vision. The Kenneth Jernigan Library has also produced an original "Shapes of Things" series of Twin Vision® books containing raised (tactile) illustrations. A list of these books can be obtained by request. Braille books are produced for the use of more advanced students and for upper grade readers. Titles in this category contain many classics.

All library books are graded by reading level. When applying for service, please include the reading level of the books you require. Should you, in the future, find that the books being sent are in the wrong reading level, please inform us. Corrections will be made in time for the next mailing.

Selection of Books

Books are chosen by computer, based on grade level. Specific titles, series, and authors may be requested or reserved. Requested books will be sent by the next mailing or as soon as the title becomes available.


A mother kneels beside her young blind daughter as they read a Twin Vision book.Circulation of books is based on a “turn-around” system. Books are sent to subscribers for a period, not to exceed three months. The books should then be returned to the Library in the same mailing box in which the books were sent. It is only necessary to pull out the mailing label and reverse it. The return address is printed on the reverse side. No postage is required. When the books are received and checked in, a new selection of books is immediately made and sent at the next mailing. A request for extension of time is available upon request.

A complete record is maintained of all titles sent to the subscriber, thus assuring no duplication of future mailings.

Mailings usually include at least four titles. Schools and teachers may request additional books. Please indicate specifics on the application.

For reasons beyond our control a book may be mailed damaged or with missing pages. We would appreciate it if you call it to our attention. Repairs can then be made when the book is returned.

The Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children and Adults considers it a privilege to serve you. We welcome you and hope you will enjoy our books.