Facts About Blindness

Thousands of people in this country become blind every year. It need not be a tragedy, but it can be. Being informed about blindness can make the difference. By exploring the following links, you can gain an understanding and acceptance of blindness and the possibilities that await you or someone you know.

Blindness in America

In this section are some important statistics regarding blindness and Braille literacy in the United States. Research focusing on blindness--and Braille literacy especially--is still developing, and we at the American Action Fund want to help make it more accessible. To that end, we hope to keep this section as a hub of information on the most relevant statistics to our mission. This list is not meant to be comprehensive. All of the data has been collected from outside sources and each source has been given full credit.

History of Blindness

To appreciate the position of the blind in our society today, it is important to recognize the past and how we have come to obtain a level of independence and societal inclusion to build upon in the future. Here James Omvig, the current treasurer of the AAF and accomplished author, has compiled a brief timeline encapsulating some of the history of the blindness and rehabilitation field. It is imperative to remember the work of those that came before us, and to realize that we have much more to do to truly achieve independence and equality for the blind across America.