Welcome to the Tactile Art Program!

Little girl with her tactile art trees.

The Tactile Drawing Kit is Here!

Phase II of the Tactile Art Program is now underway. We are focusing on tactile drawings in this second installment of the program. 

Blind people are often told that they cannot participate in art; the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults works to dispel this and other misconceptions and encourages blind people to live independent lives.

Blind children often are not exposed to art or tactile representations. Comprehending tactile representations is a learned process for blind children, as it is for all children and adults. We believe starting that learning process as early as possible will significantly help develop a child’s creativity and imagination.

We are providing, free of charge, 100 tactile drawing kits to children from ages two through eight years old. This kit will provide tools for making tactile drawings as well as components to color, outline, and decorate their drawings. You may obtain one of the kits by completing the online application at https://www.actionfund.org/tactiledrawingkit-application.

The kit will include:

  • An inTact Sketchpad with stylus (If you have questions on the use of the Sketchpad, please visit http://www.easytactilegraphics.com/help-support/)
  • Drawing templates that include shapes and holiday themes.
  • Dimensional Puffy Paints
  • Papers: Braille paper, copy paper, and tactile drawing film
  • Scented Crayons
  • Tactile puffy stickers
  • Print/Braille Ruler

The Tactile Art Program is continuing and changing because of the feedback from parents, teachers, and their children. We would like to know how your blind child/children utilized the materials that were provided. Let us know what works, what doesn’t, and give suggestions about improvements we might make to enhance the program. You may use the online evaluation form at https://www.actionfund.org/tactiledrawingkit-two-month-survey-form   or just send your comments/suggestions directly to us by email or postal mail. And, we would appreciate your sending us some of your child’s creations as well as photos of your child using the tactile drawing kit. You can send them via email to us in .jpeg format to tactileartkit@actionfund.org or by mail at the address above.

If you have questions or would like to get in touch with someone here at the program, please email Actionfund@actionfund.org or call 410-659-9315. Patricia Maurer, our director of community relations will be pleased to communicate with you.

The information you give us will help to make this program better than it is today and will bring many more opportunities to blind children than they have had in the past. Thank you!!