Pedro And The Octopus

A Tactile Twin Vision® Book Commissioned by the American Action Fund For Blind Children and Adults.

Front Cover of Pedro and the Octopus

The Story

When his big sister, Lena, warns him that octopuses have lots of sticky arms for catching kids, Pedro isn't too sure that a family trip to the beach will be much fun. Pretty soon, though, he gets caught up in the excitement of walking in the sand with his long white cane, finding shells and stones to put into his pail, and playing in the waves.

With its print and Braille text, written by Deborah Kent, and the creative, colorful, and captivating tactile illustrations by Ann Cunningham, this book can be enjoyed through vision and touch. It is a great way to give young children, both blind and sighted a unique reading experience.

Purchase Details

This book is available as of August 1 for a purchase price of $35.00 plus handling. For each book purchased, the Action Fund will give one away to a child who could not otherwise afford it. You can order by calling 410-659-9315 or by sending an email to [email protected]. There will be early purchase copies available exclusively at the convention of the National Federation of the Blind in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Lena and Pedro standing on the beach  

Tactile Graphics are Important

The American Action Fund has always pursued Braille literacy for blind children through groundbreaking programs. With this commission of Pedro and the Octopus, we are exploring methods of making books tactually interesting for all readers.

The Braille and tactual elements help young blind children begin to comprehend tactile representations. These representations will be used throughout their lifetime. Exposing a child to tactile drawings, art, and sculpture at an early age not only strengthens the child's creativity and imagination, but the child's ability to effectively interpret tactile graphics in other contexts.

page of tactile crab, shells, and plants     tactile footprints in the sand

Teaching Guide for Parents and Teachers

Along with the book, we have produced a teaching guide for parents and teachers to help children examine and identify different aspects of the book. It will help them conceptualize the tactile renderings and create discussion and exploration. The guide is available in Word and .BRF formats.   

C'mon take a trip to the beach with us!